About Tattersalls Hotel Blayney

You’ll find two generations of the Cole family serving you at Tattersalls Hotel Blayney. All our friendly staff love working at the pub, and making sure you have a wonderful experience.

Since taking ownership of Tattersalls in 2015, the Cole family has been committed to providing our loyal patrons and visitors with genuine hospitality, excellent service and a family friendly environment.

To give you an idea how important family is to us

Our bistro ‘Adelaide’s On Adelaide’ is named after our granddaughter; ‘Rex’s Sports Bar’ is named after our grandson; and ‘Harry’s Bottlemart bottle shop’ is named after our other grandson.

Community Support:

Tattersalls Hotel Blayney is also passionate about supporting and sponsoring local sporting teams and community events. They include:


Blayney Soccer Team

Blayney Football Team

Blayney Basketball Team

Blayney Fishing Club

Blayney Event 1

Blayney Event 2